SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Altogether, SEO can be a long-term investment. And organic rank increases can take time. This is not necessarily so with SEM (or PPC). Well crafted SEM campaigns can inject traffic almost immediately if done right. In a world without quick fixes, SEM comes pretty close, especially in heavily competitive organic rankings.

Think of SEM as that great slot to advertise an upcoming sale or new product or service to the world when you just can’t wait for SEO to kick in.

Now, SEO, SEM and SMM should all compliment each other, but think of SEM as more of a method of getting more immediate results when needed.

The Search Marketing Team feels strongly that you should optimize your Search Engine Marketing campaigns, whether in the form of PPC with AdWords, Facebook and others, or in the form of retargeting campaigns with AdRoll. The goal here is to provide for targeted traffic at a high value. Our SEM campaigns design tailored ads, positions, cost, and content and strategically manage and craft campaigns for the highest impact at your budgetary limits.

Our monthly fee for SMM is based upon high- or low-volume keyword distribution counts, percentage of spend, or competitiveness of your market. And keyword counts can increase with upon approval.